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Akane, the Kawaikunē

//Written by Ainna on March 30, 2019 | Updated May 19, 2020

Tendou Akane is a fictional character created by renowned mangaka Takahashi Rumiko in 1987 with the release of her martial arts episodic comedy series, Ranma 1/2. The youngest of three daughters, at sixteen she found herself engaged out of her will to Ranma Saotome, the son of her father's best friend, in order to assure the union and continuance of the Saotome and Tendou Schools of Martial Arts. The series spans 38 volumes, and revolves around the bizarre and hilarious dynamics of their relationship as they move from reluctance to denial to friendship to love—with the road to romance made more difficult because of Akane's other suitors and Ranma's other fiancées. Not to mention that both Ranma and Akane are perhaps the two most stubborn people in Furinkan (where the manga is set) who absolutely refuse to admit their growing attraction to each other, despite numerous occasions that prove the contrary.

Kawaikunē (かわいくねえ. commonly translated as "uncute") is what Ranma often calls Akane, which she counters with "Ranma no baka" ("Ranma you jerk"). The grammatically correct form is really kawaikunai, but Ranma pronounces it "kawaikunē" in both the manga (specifically Chapter 14, which is its chapter title) and the anime (as in Episode 9).

I use the term both ironically and affectionately for Akane because she is not at all "uncute;" she is in fact one of the most attractive girls at her high school, as seen in the first few chapters/episodes when she had to beat down her suitors every morning because only by defeating her could they take her out on a date. (This sets up her character to be perceived as a pretty good martial artist as well.) Ranma calling her by this insult is twofold: it is his way of teasing her by constantly making it appear that he sees her as unfeminine, but at the same time—because Ranma is a classic tsundere who says the opposite of what he actually feels—it is a very clear indication that he is actually attracted to her. There have been so many instances when he has found her cute, but he would rather die than admit it.

Read more on Akane by checking out her profile on one of the longest-running Rumic World fansites around, Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition, or the encyclopedic entry about her on the Ranma Wiki.

On Ranma and Akane

// Written by Ainna on May 20, 2019 | Updated Jan. 20, 2023


I've been a fan of Ranma 1/2 since I was ten years old. Saotome Ranma and Tendou Akane have always been one of my forever OTPs, but my interest in the pair was refueled when I learned that in 2017 the manga—penned by Takahashi Rumiko—was celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first chapter release. For the first time since I was a teenager, I re-launched myself into its the small but surprisingly still thriving fandom. Discovering that people are still making fan content for this pair is a pleasant thrill.

Hot and Cold is the phrase I chose for this site's title because it's a double play on a) the water temperature used as a plot device in the series (thanks to his curse, Ranma changes gender depending on the hotness or coldness of the water thrown his way); and b) the "emotional temperature" these two display for each other (more on that below), as both Ranma and Akane are clearly tsundere types—the very term itself signifying the character's extreme attitudes ("hotness" and "coldness," literally) towards their love interest.

I previously titled this site "Best Left Unsaid," because I felt that it best described the underlying feelings that Ranma and Akane feel for each other. They are two sixteen-year-olds engaged by their fathers against their will, so throughout the manga they make a big show about how much they hate being each other's betrothed: they constantly bicker, insult each other, and make each other jealous by inadvertently acquiring multiple admirers (since Ranma 1/2 is a reverse-harem kind of comedy).

To make matters worse, everyone around them intrudes in their personal space. They are surrounded by a nosy family waiting to see them develop feelings for one another, while a horde of suitors constantly attempt to disrupt any such development. There does not seem to be any time (or reason) for them to learn to fall in love with each other, and it might even seem that their resistance and threats to break off their engagement (and a few times, they actually did) are real. However, when they do have moments alone together, these always turn soft, quiet, and tender—and these precious gems make it clear to the reader that they actually like each other.

This will-they-won't-they romance is the formula that was sustained in almost forty manga volumes, as readers witnessed instances of varying magnitudes that reveal how they have actually fallen in love with each other, despite their behavior to the contrary. However, up until the end of the manga (Chapter 407), they never quite told each other how they actually feel.

While this can sound frustrating, one has to read the manga to understand it is in this nonexistent verbal admission where the power of their love actually lies: For the most part they have had to learn to listen to what the other doesn't say, and words have become unnecessary anyway, because they have already shown it a thousand other ways, both big and small.

Their love, to me, is best left unsaid, because they don't need to say anything, after all.

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